4 Clothing To Made With Thin Lightweight Fabric

By Pulau Intan Lestari

July 30, 2022

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1. Summer Tops
 Ready for this summer? Let’s prepare with summer outfit collections! This thin lightweight fabric is perfect material to sew on your summer outfit, the right clothing material plays a monumental role in elevating your comfort even in the warmest season.

2. Sportswears
 Sportswear needs to be breathable, and kind of lightweight fabric will improve breathability through better air permeability. For the best sportswear experience you could add more features like quick dry, cool effect, anti-uv, and anti-bacterial.

3. Dresses
 Thin lightweight fabric is identical with better soft handfeel and good for dressmaking. You can combine it with another fabric construction, for improvement design or minimum see-through effect.

4. Underwears
 What do you need for making underwear? The answer is soft fabric with great breathability, you could make it from any materials; like cotton for hypoallergenic properties, nylon for shiny looks, and modal for incredibly soft.

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