4 Tips To Start Baby and Kids Clothing Segmented

By Pulau Intan Lestari

September 22, 2022

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1. Make Sure It’s in Your Passion
 A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, and without a passion you can’t reach your high potential in business. Do what you feel like to do, something that is challenging and you can do it without being tired! Make sure it’s in your passion, then you will enjoy passing every challenge and difficulty on your business journey.

2. Do Your Research
 Baby and Kids clothing is a unique segment, it should really be different with your common project. Let’s do research to improve your strength in competitive markets, at least there are some requirements features like; safety, comfort, and durability. To make sure about these features you should start from sourcing raw materials (fabric), find the trusted supplier or manufacturer with great capability in this segment.

3. Know Your Target Audience
 If we talk about baby and kids clothing we cannot leave the parents as the key audience. Every promotion and campaign that you do should hit them as a decision maker. Besides good design, parents will choose the baby or kids product that is tested to conform to international safety standards, which should also clearly be stated on the product.

4. Find Your Product Niche
 Baby and kids products have a competitive market, that is why you should present more than a basic. You can go with following branding trends that could be adapted in your own branding, or develop your own brand identity based on your creative thinking.

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