4 Ways to Upgrade Your Sportswear

By Pulau Intan Lestari

July 3, 2022

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1. Choose The Right Fabric Composition
 Active sportswear is one of the most lucrative segments within knits apparel. Performance of the clothing helps to remain cool, comfortable and dry through the moisture management, thermal performance and other techniques. Polyester based knit has come up as a favorite for the performance of the apparel and also it can be engineered to wick transport moistures away from the body for the users’ comforts.

2. Don’t Forget about Fabric Construction
 Mesh construction is beneficial in sportswear as it provides good comfort and stretch and allows air to circulate and reach the skin meaning that it is ideal for ventilation areas of a garment, especially for places where heat accumulates very quickly such as on the back. or we can choose a single jersey , you’ll quickly find that one side of the fabric is smoother than the other. The material feels soft and light and it drapes very easily. Single jersey fabric is also very breathable so sweat doesn’t stay locked between the garment and the skin.

3. Upgrade Your Fabric Technology
 For sportswear, we can upgrade the fabric in many treatments, such as Quick Dry for faster moisture wicking, anti bacterial for odor control, anti uv to protect you when you do sports outdoors, or could be better to add cool effect so it would help to decrease body heat when you’re exercising.

4. Develop The Most Comfortable Fitting
 Tight clothing is usually the first choice for exercise, as it makes your body feel compact and fit, but If your clothes are too tight then this can become a problem and cause issues during and after exercise. For example, wearing clothes that are too tight around the hip and waist area can lead to pain at the hip joints and also cause spine or circulation issues. To avoid these problems, make sure you have full range of motion in the clothing you choose and that you don’t feel too restricted. Wearing loose fitting clothing as you work out has no real issues in terms of discomfort. However, there are some things you will need to look out for. If you are wearing workout clothes that are too loose, you could potentially trip or fall and injure yourself, or others around you.

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