4Ps to 4Es Marketing Strategy

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Jun 16, 2022

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 In the past, we knew there were 4Ps marketing strategy. That is a marketing strategy that focuses on product, price, promotion, and place are the initial control elements that are available to shape a marketing plan. At this time, the 4Ps strategy was believed to enhance the success of products. They’re super simple and obvious (as most of the great concepts are). But it’s different from today. Forbes ever writes; “Retailers succeed in the experience economy not so much by what they sell, but how they sell it”. So we can assume 4Ps which focus on products not fully relevant for today’s market, and 4Es (sort of experience, everyplace, exchange, and evangelism) could be work

1. Product become Experience
 4Ps is focused on the product. It’s different from 4Es that are focused on experience. The strategy wants to understand the customer journey takes from the very first moment they come into contact with your brand, to when they purchase your products. In other ways we think that product concept is too basic and doesn’t completely make customers satisfied, so they need a better experience.

2. Place become Everyplace
 Place concept is like a multichannel, they just focus on making their products to be displayed in every channel. Besides the everyplace concept in 4Es, think how they are available to customers in the places, and on the platforms, where they spend most of their time. 4Es is a practical concept, so it could be adapted with the current customers.

3. Price become exchange
 Price is simply talking about how much you pay to get a product or services, but exchange is wider than you think. Have you ever subscribed for premium membership? You subscribe because you need their product/services, more than that you want to get a better experience.

4. Promotion become Evangelism
 Is an advanced form of word-of-mouth marketing; is more effective than regular promotion, it is natural and grows with the community. Let customers achieve the best experience in your products, so they can share on social media. Every person has the potential to participate in evangelism marketing on a large scale.

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