Antibacterial Technology – Stay Fresh When The Heat Is On

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Okt, 18, 2021

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 Imagine a fabric that’s fresh as a breeze, even after you’ve pushed your physical boundaries to the extreme. Always fresh and clean. Impossible? Think again. Thanks to an antibacterial coating embedded in its fibres, this Technology reduces the growth of bacteria causing unwelcome body odours. Without the discomfort of unwanted smells, you are free to feel even more confident in your clothing. This technology can be used for any kind of clothing, from active wear to intimate apparel. Furthermore, they are extremely resilient, retaining their odour-fighting properties through numerous washings.

How Does It Work?

 The antimicrobial technology fixes a non-migrating, permanent coating to the fibres that punctures the cell membrane of the microorganism. In turn, this piercing mechanism deactivates the microorganism, preventing growth and proliferation of the bacteria. This antibacterial effect is then coupled with the advantages of reactive polymers, whose reaction is coupled to the antimicrobial agents. Together, they create a multi-functional type of varnish that effectively fights bacteria and proves its durability after endless washing cycles.

Benefit Of Anti-Bacterial Fabric

● Increase fabric freshness
● Controls unwanted Body Odour
● Permanent Anti-Bacterial Technology
● Wash Proof

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