Athleisure Style for Travelling

By Pulau Intan Lestari

July, 18, 2021

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 Stylish clothing made with performance fabric is the perfect combination for travel. Not only do they look attractive in design, the material they use is also supporting travel needs as outdoor activity. Don’t worry about sweat while you walk around on vacation because performance fabric is made for it, it will make you stay dry and feel comfortable even in medium to high activity. This fabric is also great in breathability and easy care make it the best choice for travelling needs.

1. Tops
In these kinds of clothes, you can choose from variations of Active Shirts with fit sizing to loose shirts, depending on your style and choice. Don’t forget to bring long-sleeve shirts, it will protect you from sun and bugs.

2. Bottoms
You can wear Leggings or Shorts to support movement and stylish detailing. Or wear Joggers for extra comfort and feel warm when you stay overnight.

3. Outers
Bomber Jackets or Hoodie for day, and Sweater for night. Outers are perfect for keeping you warm when you’re travelling somewhere cold like a mountain.

4. Bags
Bring your travel bags. Wisely pack the items that you need, or you will end up with heavy bags. The good news is you will find some travel bags with sporty designs, it will match with your athleisure style.

 Since the world is not fully recovered from the pandemic, then travelling is still hard to do. But should be reminded there is always hope, someday we can go there and be happy with the best outfit. Keep your body and environment clean, stay healthy, think positive and all will be fine.

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