Careers in Fashion

By Pulau Intan Lestari

May 2, 2022

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 Statistics show that women are more likely to shop rather than men, and you should agree that the most item that women buy is clothes. In simple ways we can assume that careers in fashion will never end, this opinion is strengthened by the fact that clothes are a basic need, beside food and home. So to have a career in fashion is a good choice, whether you’re planning to launch your own business, work at a fashion company as designer, or work as a fashion consultant at a major retailer. Everyone could be successful, in their own ways.

1. Brands Owner
 Who doesn’t want to be your own boss; you can’t get fired, you have the freedom to make the decisions that are crucial to your own business, running your own business also gives you a chance to make more money than if you were employed by someone else. To be a fashion business owner, at least you should have a company no matter if it’s big or small, employees no matter how many of them, fashion products, and branding.

2. Fashion Designer
 They are professionals who create concepts of new and trending styles, build real-life prototypes of these designs and prepare the final products to sell to customers. To be a fashion designer you should have creative thinking and innovations. These days fashion designers have become a dream for some students because of it’s attractive salary and reputable status.

3. Fashion Model
 A fashion model is a person who poses for fashion designers, clothing brands, and advertisers. They inspire new collections, set trends, and help shape what we perceive to be beautiful. To be a fashion model you should be good looking, because beauty is subjective, and you never know what someone will find beautiful about you. You can reflect confidence in your body language, which can affect how other people perceive you.

 There are still a lot of careers in fashion, but at this time we just show three of them. We believe you can find more opportunities in this industry. So keep your passion, hard work and being creative to face the world of fashion.

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