Clothing Store vs Boutique

By Pulau Intan Lestari

May 11, 2022

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 Maybe you were ever in this situation; standing in front of a closet full of clothes, but feel you don’t have something to wear, because clothes are filling your closet might not fit right now. After that, you may start thinking about buying new clothes in the clothing store or boutique. Did you know that Boutique in French could be also translated as store? But you will find that it is different from conventional stores. So in this article let us know what the difference is!

1. Clothing Store
 Generally it means a business that sells goods, you will find most clothing stores in the mall or on the roadside in your city. Clothing stores are usually operated by a manager and their employees, and they sell products on a ready-to-wear concept, that means all products are made to fit with most body types without having to perform major alterations and adjustments.

2. Boutique
Boutiques have several characteristics that separate them from conventional stores. The first is size, and the second is the inventory. The size of the boutique is relatively smaller than a conventional store, but they promise you with personal experience like alterations, adjustments and consultations. Boutiques are also characterized by limited product variety, that limited product makes the exclusive factor and higher prices.

 Finally you can buy from clothing store or boutique, but if you care about trend and look different in society then boutiques are a good choice, as a specialized type of retail store that fits a niche market with specialized products and more personal customer service will make you so much happier.

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