Easy Ways to Check Fabric Quality

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Mar, 13, 2022

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 As a producen of fabric, sometimes we found customers that prefer to be explained with practical methods, they don’t care about technical or theoretical explanations, they think of something simple and easy to understand. So in this article we want to share easy ways to check your fabric quality.

1. Check for the fabric color
 Make sure they have a dye job to match. Look out for unevenness in tone throughout the surface of the fabric. There should be no streaks or spots. You can do this test for every solid color fabric, exceptional for heather fabric, because it’s basically designed to show a certain shade of color.
2. Check if the fabric is too hairy
 You will never find a problem with hairy fabric in polyester, but in cotton it’s commonly found. Thanks to textile improvement technology, now we can make a cotton fabric with a less hairy appearance. Less hairy appearance is equal to good quality fabric.
3. Finishes looks
 The overall finish of your fabric should show no uneven weaves, unusual creases, or stretching in the corners. In addition, their perfect finish looks will be completed with softened handfeel.

 Maybe you have heard “Quality comes with a price”, it also works in fabric products. Then make sure you have enough knowledge to make the right decision to buy or not, and also decide where the best place to buy fabric is. In our opinion, to face today’s market competition, you have to prepare with better quality products.

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