Eco-Friendly Fabric for The Future

By Pulau Intan Lestari

December 12, 2022

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Eco-friendly products are what today’s customers need. Its argument comes because the world is becoming old and we cannot stand with products that make it worse. Eco-friendly issues are being discussed in textile, scientists and textile experts do their best to find a new fiber that can change the future of the textile industry. At this time, we know fabric that is made from cotton, organic cotton, polyester, bamboo, or wool. Then what will they find as eco-friendly fabric for the future? Continue reading this article and we will show you alternative fibers that should be the next fabric material.

1. Hemp Fiber

Made from marijuana plants that remain illegal in some countries because it’s an addictive drug. These kinds of plants are restricted for medical or recreational use in few countries, in another fact these plants also produce good fiber that is strongest, durable, breathable, and has low impact to the environment, making it potentially beneficial for the next textile industry.

2. Chitin Fiber

Chitin is a special insoluble fiber found in fungi, mushrooms, yeast cell walls, and shells of crustaceans and insects. Is defined as food waste that can be used in textile, with characteristics that are soft, dyes easily, fully biodegradable, making it suitable for making eco-friendly fabric.

3. Seaweed Fiber

It’s fibers that are extracted from natural seaweeds by spinning. Seaweed fiber has characteristics that are strong, breathable, soft and supple against skin. Seaweed fiber can be processed to become fabric through lyocell process as tencel and bamboo. Is true ocean fabric that could be alternative choices for the future.

4. Banana Fiber

Is one of the strongest fibers that is extracted from banana stems and banana peels. With characteristics that are breathable, feel cool even on hot days, soft and supple. Is suitable for eco-friendly textiles.

5. Pineapple Fiber

Is the next fiber that is already patented in brands of Pinatex, they produce non-woven fabric that look like leather in luxe finish. With the consciousness about sustainable products, we believe there are more eco-friendly products that will be patented in future.

Finally, eco-friendly fabric will become a solution to reduce environmental impact of Textile industry. In the extensive function, its sustainable products are expected to give a positive impact to society and economy through better lifestyle and competitive price in the market.

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