Fabric Care : Do not Bleach

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Apr 17, 2022

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 Hello everyone, come again in our fabric care article, in time before we have talked about ‘washing care labels’. It gives instructions on how to wash clothes at an ideal temperature. Ideal temperature refers to how cold or hot the water used is, today we’ll talk about bleach. Britannica.com defines bleach as a solid or liquid chemical used to whiten or remove the natural color of fibers, yarns, other textiles, and paper. Generally bleach should only be used for white pieces of clothes; it offers a quick, easy, affordable way to achieve brilliant, sparkling whites.
 And talking about washing instructions, you should find instructions in the form of icons and text on your clothes care labels; this instruction gives information about how far the clothes can handle bleaching agents.

1. Empty Triangle
 It means your clothes can handle bleaching when you feel necessary. But still, just use it for white pieces of clothes, or your clothes will end up with faded colors or white stains.

2.Diagonal Line inside The Triangle
 It refers to the use of non-chlorine bleaches, which means only oxygen or color-safe bleaches may be used. As a reference you can check ingredients in your bleach products; if it’s made of hydrogen peroxide, sodium perborate, or sodium percarbonate, then it should be okay.

3. Triangle crossed out by two lines
 It means you should not use bleach at all.

 Maybe some of you believe bleach can damage clothes. It’s only a myth, because there is no significant difference in fabric strength between clothes that are washed in detergent alone and clothes that are washed using detergent and bleach. Simply follow the washing instructions in your clothes care labels, and everything will be okay.

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