Fabric Supplier or Manufacturer

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Apr 29, 2022

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 Imagine you have an idea on your mind, the idea is doing fashion business. You already draw a clothing design, and then make a mockup or prototype. What to do next? / Yes, you’re right, let’s find a fabric supplier.

1. Fabric supplier
 Fabric supplier is the one who supplies fabric from the manufacturer to the consumers, it should be an individual, vendor, or fabric store. Suppliers are generally easy to find, you don’t have to waste much time, just open your internet browser and let google find out for you. The advantages when you buy from a fabric supplier is; easy to find, its retail concept will let you buy in small quantities / The disadvantages is; sometimes they supply fabric from some manufacturer with different quality, making it hard to keep in the same quality when you need to repeat order.

2. Fabric Manufacturer
 Fabric Manufacturer is the company who manufactures or creates the fabric. You can still find manufacturers on the internet, linked in, and sometimes you can find them on social media. Commonly they will leave their contact on a website to make it easy to call them. They will accept an order with different minimum quantities, but of course the quantity order should be bigger than the fabric supplier. The advantages when you buy from fabric manufacturers is; they are fully concerned with quality, and they can accommodate your needs for repeat or custom orders.

 When you start a fashion business for the very first time, it should be okay to buy fabric from a fabric supplier. But after your business grows bigger you have to think about manufacturers, they have more capability to make good quality products, and they will support your business successfully.

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