Fabric Technical Quality

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Feb, 16, 2022

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 When design is told about how to make fabric look good in aesthetic view, technical quality is told deeper about something that has non-aesthetic purposes but functionality and benefit. Technical quality is something that is very special, and needs effort from modern technology and textile experts to enhance fabric quality. In below we will explain some of them:

1. Enzyme Wash
 It’s a kind of treatment to soften and finish fabric, enzyme washing is ecologically friendly due to the natural origins of enzymes, which biodegrade, instead of lingering in the water supply. You can feel the difference in handfeel quality which is soften and smooth, moreover the fabric looks less hairy.

2. Compact Finish
 It’s a kind of fabric finishing whose purpose is to tighten knitted fabric, making it achieve exact dimensional stability and a soft feel. Dimensional stability will prevent fabric from shrinkage, and it can be done with a compactor machine.

3. Color Fastness
 Color fastness is the property of a fabric which is responsible for color stability. With the good color fastness your fabric will stay longer in color and prevent color fading. If color resilience is important to your customers, don’t take unnecessary risk, just buy fabric from a trusted supplier.

 That just a few of technical quality in fabric, there are still lot of technical technique we can do for your fabric. And since textile technology never stops evolving; then stay on our social media and website for updates.

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