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By Pulau Intan Lestari

Jun, 20, 2021

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 With more and more people making fitness a lifestyle choice, the gym culture is growing at a very fast pace. For some people fitness may be fatiguing, but in the goal they’ll achieve good fitness and they can do sports for long periods of time and very quickly recover when they do get tired. As the final results, fitness really improves body health and stamina.
 In fact you’ll find that it is not good for women to fitness too hard, but the good news is women can still do fitness, sure things in different ways and goals with men; generally women do fitness to achieve the beautiful shape of the body, not a big muscle as a man. To understand more about the women portion then you need advice from your local gym instructor.
 If we talk about women, we can’t leave the fashion style. Women need to be fashionable everywhere they are, then fashion comes to fitness apparel. Here are some kind of fitness designs that should be consideration to choose, as below :

1. Seamless design
This kind of apparel is constructed in a way that reduces friction between your body and the material. This results in less irritation during your workout.

2. Flexible design
This kind of apparel features great elasticity; made of a combination of polyester and spandex or lycra material.

3. Slim Fit design
Since loose fitting or baggy gym clothes are not ideal. The one that hugs your body but does not sit too tightly on your skin are the best type.

4. High Tech design
This is a kind of apparel with sun protective properties for day as well as the ones with a luminescent layer if you are exercising at night.

 We are in an era with high competition for apparel design. There are so many brands with eye-catching products, as a consumer we should wisely choose between fashion and function. At the end of this article, good to remember; Fitness is a long and tedious process, so don’t give up and always commit to your fitness routine.

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