Good and Easy Workout Routine
By Pulau Intan Lestari

July, 11, 2021

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In recent decades, lifestyle as an important factor of health has become more interesting to researchers. According to WHO, 60% of related factors to individual health and quality of life are correlated to lifestyle. For example; malnutrition, unhealthy diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, and stress is an unhealthy lifestyle we are facing today. Staying with an unhealthy lifestyle will impact our continuous living,

If we think of a better life quality, then there must be changes. A little change we can do is drink more water and eat healthy food, and the routine is by doing workout. In this article we want to recommend good and easy ways to workout at home.


  1. Sit Ups

Is classic abdominal exercises done by lying on your back and lifting your torso. They use your body weight to strengthen and tone the core-stabilizing abdominal muscles. It’s basic, everyone can do it, and it’s effective.

  1. Cycling

It is an easy and fun exercise, you can do in an open air area, or inside your home/Indoor Cycling. Cycling is a great way to get in your cardio each week.

  1. Plank

Is one of the best calorie burning and beneficial exercises. A plank hold engages multiple muscles at once, thereby benefiting the core strength of your body.

  1. Squat Jumps

Is a plyometric exercise that strengthens your entire lower body and increases your heart rate for a significant calorie burn.

  1. Push-Ups

Doing 50 to 100 push-ups should be enough to maintain a good upper body.


No need to go to a gym or head into bad weather, just find some space and get moving. At the end of this article we want to give a little advice for someone who has a job at an office; don’t stay in your chair too long, sitting too much can negatively impact your health and longevity, even if you get the recommended amount of daily physical activity. Remind yourself to stand, for example: sit 20 minutes out of every half hour at work, standing for eight minutes and moving around for at least two minutes
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