How to Build a Brand Story

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Apr 21, 2022

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 As we have told in a previous article about ‘how to start a fashion business’, the thing that is necessary is to build a strong story brand. In the first, you may ask what the brand story really is? A brand story is a summary of your company’s history, mission, purpose, and values. Every successful company in this world communicates through a brand story, they tell it in every product they make, in every advertising, and they want to make it stick in the mind of their customers. As an example Apple has a vision of changing the way people view computers. And today they become a big Apple company with a big number of successful products; I-Mac, I-Phone, I-Pad, Apple Watch, etc. What do you think about those products? We should agree they have made smart products, in a good and premium quality that support our business life. You should know that a story brand can work in every business you do, including in our fashion business.

1. Define your goals and the purpose of your brand story
 Starting by listing your company goal through making these brands, the tips for us is to make customers as your goal; find out about their problem, their needs, about how to improve their life through your products. You may think about revenue growth and money, but be patient, in this strategy you should prioritize the customers better than revenue. Money will come as a return of their satisfaction about your products.

2. Map out your hero’s journey
 Find out what the customer’s problem is, then you can write it as a hero’s problem. Maybe you are confused why customers should be heroes in our story brands? Psychologically, customers don’t generally care about your story, but they care about their own. The next step is to make your brand/company as a guide or helper, and finally don’t forget to write a happy ending as a result.

3. Make it simple but significant
 Simple stories are better, you don’t have too much in writing. Just make sure your story is divided into; beginning/hero’s problem: explain the problem that your customer has to solve, middle/you come as guided: describe how you solved it, and ending: your hero’s happy ending.

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