How To Choose The Right Fabric

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Feb, 5, 2022

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  What do you need for making a great clothing business? Some of us will tell the target consumer, business plan, or design. But we almost forget about the raw material; which is fabric. Fabric is the most significant factor in the cost of clothes. Fabric accounts for 60 to 70% of the total cost of basic-style clothes. Fabric is also the most important thing that determines the overall style and quality of your clothing product.
 After knowing the importance of fabric as raw material, then it should be a key factor for your clothing business. So let’s start with our tips:

1. Wisely choose your fabric weight
 There is a correlation between fabric weight and thickness, you can select a fabric based on what project you make! For example; when you want to work in outerwear/winter clothing then choose fabric with enough thickness in medium weight, it is supposed to make a clothing that feels warm and not too heavy to wear.

2. Examine the Fabric Drape
 The drape determines how the fabric flows. In other words, stiff fabrics have less drape, and fluid fabrics have more drape. Easy! But be careful with this term. Stay wisely choose your fabric material based on your clothing project needed, stiff fabrics are for outer or pants, and fluid fabrics for tops and dresses.

3. Make it stretchy or not?
 Stretchy fabric commonly used for making sports clothes and women’s clothes, besides loose fabric commonly for casual clothes and men’s clothes. But is just an opinion, you can still do more exploration and follow the trend, but make sure you Check how stretchy or loose your fabric before deciding to buy.

 Finally you can start going to your fabric supplier, make a visit appointment or request for a fabric sample. Whenever you need more advice or want to simplify your clothing business, we are here for you!

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