How to Choose the Right Hijab Material

By Pulau Intan Lestari

November 08, 2022

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What do you know about hijab? Some of you will say that hijab is a part of modesty, the others may say that they can be modest without hijab. That is a personal argument and every woman can dress comfortably with their own preferences, but if they are moslem then wearing hijab will complete their modest looks. Today women are served with so many kinds of hijab collections, hijab comes with a variety of shapes, colors, and styles. Innovation of hijab is always interesting, and if we talk about Indonesia there is so much potential market. Fabric is the main material that is used in hijab, then let know about it!

1. Rayon & Spandex

Combination of rayon and spandex makes the fabric super-soft, flexible, and durable. It can be knitted with single jersey construction. You should be familiar with the terms of premium jersey hijab, and this is how they were made! This kind of hijab is known well because it’s comfortable, manageable, and easy to wear.

2. Cotton

Cotton is 100% natural fiber; feels soft, breathable, and great absorbent. Cotton material is really good to make a hijab that is summer-friendly. Cotton hijab will help to absorb sweat and release it through natural processes. For the maximum comfort and looks, cotton can be knitted in crepe construction, as the result you can make a crepe hijab, a hijab that is elegant and polished well.

3. Polyester

Polyester is a kind of synthetic fiber which is used in the hijab industry, and crinkled hijab is one of their products. It’s elegant and attractive hijab design that can be carried on casual as well as special occasions.

4. Polyester and spandex

Polyester and spandex is a great combination for today’s sportswear, it also works for hijab sportswear. Optimize with special fabric features like quick dry and cool effect, make everyone can exercise comfortably without worrying about their style preferences.

Finally, choosing the right hijab material is about the design and end user usability. If you need a hijab that comforts in every season then rayon and spandex is the best, if you need a hijab that can be worn on special occasions then polyester with crinkled design is suitable, but if it’s summer then make it with 100% cotton.

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