How to Make Tech Pack

By Pulau Intan Lestari

May 31, 2022

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 Before going too far let’s know what a tech pack really is! Tech pack can be described as a document containing all the technical information about your product, and is well known in the garment industry because it has a helpful function in designing and production of the clothes. You also need a tech pack to communicate clearly about what you are making to the manufacturer. What does a tech pack include? It included technical drawing, quantities and sizing, materials, components, sample and fit feedback, and order details.

How to make a tech pack?

 1. In the very first step you should make a flat sketch; black and white sketch that shows the front and back views of the garment.
 2. Add the images and patterns that become inspiration for that design, you can also add texture, prints, and cuts, or anything else that you think should be a design focus.
 3. Your sketch should be complete with marks that indicate the right fabric placement, and other accessories like a zipper, button, labels, or each. Make it clear and detailed.
 4. Give information about color preferences, for standardization you better write in pantone code, or attach any color swatch.
 5. Put material details which give information about fiber content, gramation, supplier, and fabric code.
 6. Detail measurement is a key to the right fit and size on your clothes design. Make sure it’s completely filled in the right calculation before giving it to the manufacturer.

 Tech pack is something important in the garment production, it can reduce mistakes, reduce lead times, and save time for the future collections. Need to know sometimes your production can fail or delay because of simple problems such as miss communication, and tech packs can help as a tool for communication. Microsoft Word and Adobe Illustrator are common programs for creating tech packs, but for advanced technology we advise you to use google sheets because it’s a cloud based program, you can easily edit and share through the internet link.

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