How To Recycle Clothes

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Mar, 1, 2022

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 After taking a look at your wardrobe, maybe you can find any clothes which are worn out, dirty, or generally old-looking. You will start thinking about throwing it in the garbage? But there is a wise decision to make it more sustainable, do you know what? Let’s follow this article to the end. We saw fast fashion has a negative impact on increased waste around the world, each year around 92 million metric tons of clothing waste is generated. It’s time for us to care and make the world better.

1. Donating
 You can go to the charity shops and make something good for people who need it. Is different with thrift stores that can be commercial 100% (meaning the profit goes to the owner). Charity shops will donate part or everything to charity. If you couldn’t find any charity store around you, you can donate directly to people you think need it; poor people or disaster victims.

2. Selling
 Thrift store is a place where you can sell your secondhand clothes, or you can go to a retailer. Some retailers will pay you to take old items off your hands, you can start browsing in Maps with query words like ‘used clothes’ or ‘secondhand retailer’.

3. Composting
 Believe it or not? Some clothes that are made from natural fibers like; a cotton and pure wool could be composted. Make sure you remove all plastic buttons, metal zippers, or stains before processing. Even today we are not familiar with this kind of method. It should be a trend in the future, who knows, right?

4. Repurposing
 A worn-out shirt or sweater can become a pillow cover, a pet bed, or cleaning clothes. You can be creative to make something useful, we believe everything you could make will bring a positive impact rather than throw it to the garbage.

 Finally, sustainability will be something necessary in today’s life. We can’t close our eyes to something that the world really needs, start the movement from ourselves and make it spread to another.

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