Jacquard Fabric vs Printed Fabric

By Pulau Intan Lestari

January 16, 2023

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Have you ever met any fashion projects that are about patterns? Then you start thinking if they will work well with jacquard fabric or printed fabric. Both of them can really help you to make a pattern or draw 2D designs in the fabric, but they work in different ways that make you confused to decide which one is the best fit. So today, we will be happy to explain in this article.

1. Jacquard Fabric

Jacquard is fabric technology that came in the year 1801 as a solution for old fabric production that was very slow and time-consuming labor at that time. Today, Jacquard fabric can simply be defined as any type of pattern or design that is knit directly into the material, it makes the jacquard garment won’t fade or wear off and stay unique aesthetic for a long time. Jacquard knitting also brings freedom to assign different colors of yarn, kinds of yarn, and a special finishing process that makes it suitable for most fashion categories.

2. Printed Fabric

Printed fabric is a fabric that is printed with pattern or design. There are many different methods to make printed fabric, like stamp printing, transfer printing, screen printing, pigment printing, reactive printing, and many more. Printed fabric is a solution for faster and low cost production.

That is a simple explanation about jacquard and printed fabric. The summary is jacquard fabric is a special fabric construction that knit pattern or custom design to make a fabric, the final result is premium and durable. Besides, printed fabric is very popular and widely used, but it’s not so durable compared with jacquard.

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