Knitwear For Every Season

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Nov, 21, 2021

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 What do you think when you hear knitwear? Most of us will associate knitwear with clothes that are comfortable and warm. Cold and winter is the perfect time to wear this kind of warm clothes. Comfortability is always the first reason why people love knitwear, but in fact the warm side happens because of selective material choice; wools and some fiber animal resources are classic choices for warmth, while for now fashion industries most likely use cotton as the best natural fiber. How to design well in every season with knitwear?

1. Gradient Knit

 Let’s color brighten your day in every season. For example; gradient earthy color like brown to green for spring, gradient joy color like orange to yellow for summer, and any gradient inspired by nature like red leaves in autumn, and snowflakes at the end of the year. These gradient colors work as eye-catching and attention-grabbing, makes them stand out and helps to elevate your design.

2.Work with different weight and thickness knit

 Can you wear a sweater in summer? The answer is yes, just come handy with a lightweight summer sweater. You can also modify any basic clothes design, become crop tops to make it suitable for summer. And even if the cold or winter is not coming yet, the people will wear warm clothes when working in an office where the air-conditioning is on full blast.

3. Collared Knit

 Collar in knitwear is identical to a Polo Shirt, but let’s make something unique like a collared cardigan, or collared jumper. When the weather makes you chill then these collared warm clothes will help and are quite stylish.

 Knitwear is classic and timeless, is something that will stay longer and greatly adapt to modern fashion style. Do you feel interested in making some of them?

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