Let’s Know Terry Fabric

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Mar, 06, 2022

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 Terry fabric is a kind of knit fabric with soft piles of yarn on one side of the fabric and loops on the other. You can easily find terry fabric in sweatshirts, sweatpants, or sweaters. Terry fabric comes in medium to heavy weight, more thick than regular single jersey, is much comfort and warm when touching your body. Terry fabric is very suitable for homewear to streetwear.
 Terry fabric is so versatile, you can knit with cotton, polyester, rayon, even add spandex/lycra to make it more elastic. 100% cotton can make this fabric much more absorbent, adding polyester will make it more durable, and spandex/lycra will make it more suitable for sportswear.
 Terry fabric is an easy-care product, no need to dry clean, hand wash, or follow special washing instructions. You can wash with a washing machine and tumble dry for better results. In the market we can find any kind of terry fabric as below :

1. Baby Terry
 Named baby in front because in the very first time it’s used as a towel for baby and kid, in a process it has become adapted to clothes which are comfortable for every age. As his name suggests, this kind of terry design is soft, and safe for skin.

2. French Terry
 It’s a kind of terry fabric with heavier and thicker than baby terry, the loops behind also different, more thick and irregular than baby terry. French terry becomes an alternative to warm fabric for your clothes.

 Maybe you can find more than two kinds of terry, like fleece terry and twill terry. But at this time we recommended baby terry and french terry because knit open construction will improve overall performance when it is used in activity, and with great versatility can keep you cool in warmer weather or warm in cooler weather.

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