Let’s Maximize Your Activewear

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Des, 01, 2021

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 Activewear is defined as clothing that can be worn to exercise or in casual situations without exercise. In today’s life activewear is favourite because its stylish style comes with great performance, so when the people need clothing that looks good and great in feature activewear will do. In this article we want to talk about basic important properties which are necessary to maximize your activewear:

1. Durability
 The activewear you choose should ideally be long-wearing to ensure you maximize their use. By wearing durable activewear it can also be protection when doing physical activities. Fabric material which is well known for durability is Polyester, and any Polyester blend like CVC and TC.

2. Techno Fabric
 It can be done by special fabric processing like Quick Dry to maximize absorbency and wicking ability, Cool Effect to improve wear experience by greatly regulating temperature. And much more we can do in fabric development.

3. Extensibility
 You can choose knitted fabric which basically has 2-ways stretch, or knitted fabric with elastane to improve the extensibility to 4-ways stretch. Extensibility is needed to enhance mobility, posture and one’s natural silhouette.

 Some people will prioritise looking good as their daily clothes, they choose fashionable clothes. In other ways, people choosing the best material is more about comfort and fit rather than being on-trend or looking attractive. Why do we just combine it? So let’s make activewear products which can not be left from our consumer eyes because they are attractive, comfortable, and great in features.

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