Marketing Roles are Evolving

By Pulau Intan Lestari

June 24, 2022

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 Sales and marketing interact with changes in society and advances in technology. As marketing we should always search for the best way to get people to buy what we are selling. We can not stay with the old method that only focuses on products, or just think how to make your brand known out there. In this article we have summarized what’s new in today’s marketing!

1. Video Marketing
 We are sure you know about Facebook, Instagram. That is formerly social media, which in the very first time was used only as a medium to interact with friends and family, then it evolved for corporate use to display the online branding, and from branding it should work for any business till today. From static to dynamic, now people are mostly interested in video content, that’s why; Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram Reels are very popular marketing tools, and as a customer we should enjoy receiving information if it was dynamic and entertaining.

2. Marketing teams should focus on analytic
 Marketing analytics can be described as the study of data to evaluate the performance of a marketing activity, including budgets and purchases. With good analytics, a company can spend less money for the best results. Analytics also work to understand exactly what your customers think and do in every marketing phase.

3. Marketing should focus about customers, not products
 Rather than focusing on a message to buy a product, it will be better if you focus on the features and after sales services that your customer is looking for. Maximize customer experience is a key for today’s marketing.

4. Marketing should be an educator, not advertiser
 In today’s marketing you should educate your customers; know what their problem is, and come up with the best solutions. And with the rise of the digital age, it has never been easier to reach your customers, there are platforms that can help you to post educational content just like; blogging, ebooks, and social media.

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