Neon Color for Sportswear

By Pulau Intan Lestari

July, 18, 2021

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 Color is the one cannot leave from designs, it is believed to drive mood and emotion for the wearer. It’s also reliable to build character and personality of the branding. For example; color Blue is Calm and Trust, that’s why it is more likely to be used in services companies.
Beside color choices, color tones are the point of the designer; dark color is for mature, and light for young. Even if there is no standardization and everything should be blurred sometime, yeah we cannot give the same standard on everything right? In fact the world of fashion is full of surprises.
 Neon color has become a favorite for some years, this eye popping color which can easily be found in every sportswear shop in your city. Very popular neon color is green, but in truth the word neon can broadly apply to a wide range of fluorescent and ultra-bright colors, then Pink, Purple, Orange, etc with fluorescent effect will be named neon color.
 Sports clothing is generally marketed to the twenty-something set, and recent market research has shown that the younger generation prefers neon clothing. Fluorescent effects also make design more attractive without too much modification. Sportswear is made for active people with medium to high activity, and should be energetic and inspired, then neon color will represent that.

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