Omnichannel vs Multichannel

By Pulau Intan Lestari

June 7, 2022

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 Omnichannel Strategy is a method that helps you create a seamless experience for customers across all the channels through which you sell, in this method you could promote your products and services across all channels, devices, and platforms using unified messaging, cohesive visuals, and consistent collateral. Before, you may know about multichannel marketing strategy, which is the same as omnichannel because it runs on multiple platforms, but there are a difference as below:

1. Omnichannel is focus about customers, while multichannel is more focus about products
 Omnichannel is designed to maximize customer experience through integrated programs; so as a customer you can feel the same great experience while in an offline store, website, or social media. The point of omnichannel is to connect the dots across your digital and physical presence. While multichannel strategy tries to put products in front of as many valuable customers as possible, the emphasis is primarily on increasing their online presence, not on deepening the customer experience.
2. Omnichannel make a seamless experience for customers, Multichannel didn’t
 Omnichannel marketing uses multiplatform, in a way that best fits the customer’s needs. For example; when you want to buy clothes from a store, then omnichannel will serve you with mobile apps, website, and marketplace that integrate with a store, e-money, special prices, even to customer care and loyalty programs. Is different with multichannel that only integrates in certain conditions.

 Developing an omnichannel is not easy, it needs significant investment and continued maintenance. May you start thinking that talking about omnichannel is absolutely about technology, but in fact is also about man power, you should have a great team with passion, positivity, and they should prioritize customer experience.

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