Prevent Knit Fabric Shrinkage

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Feb, 22, 2022

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 Knit fabric is well known because it’s soft, flexible, and comfortable. It’s kind of a favorite fabric for cold and warm clothes. But they are not always perfect, knit fabrics typically are more open and loose in structure than wovens and thus are subject to more instability and dimensional change. We almost forgot, maybe some of you have no idea what shrinkage is? shrinkage is a change in dimensions across the length and width of the fabric after washing, usage, and when exposed to the relaxation of fabrics. If you ever have a bad experience with clothes that shrink after you wash them, that is a shrinkage problem.
 As experienced fabric manufacturers with priority in product quality, we have done some technique and prevention action as below:

1. Care About Raw Material
 We only buy raw material, in this case ‘yarn’ only from a trusted supplier. We also evaluated every raw material based on their quality in every period. On the warehouse side, we do the FIFO method, and carefully make a test before it’s knit in our machine.

2. Dyeing & Finishing
 Wet processing procedures in dyeing usually create stress on a fabric. Continuous processes during preparation and dyeing and preparation for drying usually stretch the length or reduce the width. We do finishing procedures with relaxing dryers and compactors that are effective for shrinkage prevention.

 Finally, the importance of understanding shrinkage and its causes is key to its control. Even though shrinkage has become a problem so many times, it’s not completely gone from the market. So be selective and buy only from trusted fabric suppliers.

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