Quick Dry Technology

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Aug, 07, 2021

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 Textile technology never stops; evolved from traditional to modern, from untreath fabric to fabric with special treatment, new fiber is also found and becomes an invention for textiles. In this article we want to speak about Quick Dry, its origins technically named for a special polyester treatment which is used in every well-known sportswear brand; you may have heard Play Dry, Wicking, Hydrophilic, Moisture Management, Dri-Fit, ClimaLite. All have basically the same function; to keep you dry and comfortable while doing sports.
 Quick Dry is different from Water Repellent. Water repellent is non-absorbent and instantly throws away the water, is technology for adventure wear to prevent light to medium rain. Beside it, Quick Dry makes polyester more absorbent, then dries faster under the effect of body temperature and winds. The conclusion is Quick Dry is more useful for sportswear, because we are mostly met with sweat problems while doing sports activities.

1.Quick Dry is not only for Sportswear
 We already know Quick Dry is doing well in Sportswear, but it works too for travel clothing; if you want clothes that are breathable, moisture wicking and easy care, then polyester with quick dry processing is always good.

2. Not all Polyester is Quick Dry
 Should be understood Quick Dry is fabric finishing processes, it needs special chemicals at dyeing stages, is really different from non-processes polyester fabric. Make sure you buy Polyester Fabric from the trusted manufacturer.

 At the end of this article we want to say that; Quick Dry is just one of the many textile technologies, so keep following our Instagram and Website for updated textile information.

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