Running Jacket for Every Season

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Feb, 12, 2021

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Running can be done whenever you want and whatever the weather is, but then, we need gear to support us to keep running in that condition. one of the gears that we need is a running jacket. What is the most important thing when we choose a running jacket? Well, It Should give you the best protection from winds to rains, first and foremost be sweat wicking and breathable to keep you from overheating. But most importantly, like your running shoes, it has to be comfortable or you just won’t wear it.

These are some kind of running jacket and when we wear it?

1. Waterproof Running Jacket

Designed to keep the rain out while also moving the sweat away from our body, a waterproof running jacket should always be breathable to keep you from overheating. It will also be windproof. Waterproof jackets will usually have taped seams to prevent water seeping in; a lack of taping however, doesn’t always indicate a poor quality jacket. We can call it a waterproof running jacket when it is water resistant enough to keep out driving rain.

When to wear it ?

When we run while raining and there are howling winds, waterproof jackets are a must, we might not mind being soaked to begin with but not only are we increasing our chance of chafing, once the water hits your skin you’ll start feeling the cold.

2. Showerproof Running Jacket

Designed for runners with added mesh ventilation and a streamlined cut, showerproof jackets usually allow more movement than a waterproof jacket. Showerproof jackets are water, and wind, resistant. Breathable, and featherweight, they can handle light rain for brief periods of time but if heavy rains start they won’t hold up.

When to wear it?:

uter layer for spring, autumn, and even summer evenings when there’s just a little rain or it feels a bit too chilly to head out in just a running t-shirt or vest.

3. Insulated

Filled with down or a synthetic fabric, insulated running jackets are designed to keep you warmer on colder days, without overheating, and can usually be identified by their puffy shape. These jackets are mostly water-resistant and breathable but not fully waterproof.

When to wear it?

If it’s below 0°C insulated running jackets are often the best way to stay warm but it usually depends on personal preference. Although different jackets provide different levels of insulation it’s important to always remember that although you may feel the cold stepping out, once you start running your body will generate its own heat.

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