As our valued client, you are at the center of our integrated textile management. We will work with you to tailor a portfolio to meet your textile needs and offer you the benefits of our comprehensive research facilities, expertise and power of innovation as one of the world’s leading integrated textile company

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We understand that you must have an important reason when choosing the color for your textile products, so let us transform your ideas into reality.

Your end-customers will enjoy the color consistency of your brands by doing business with us because we integrate the mindset of “color accuracy and consistency” in each step of our production processes, starting from the development to the final delivery stages, we employ our full-suite-cutting-edge technologies to ensure consistent color is delivered

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What construction or pattern should I use? Will this pattern look appropriate for my product? Will a heavier fabric more suitable for my product?

If you often experience these frustrations, you have come to the right place because we help hundreds of clients every day in choosing the right materials for their products. Our 300 textile consultants are ready to be part of your exciting projects. We will listen to your needs, deliver solutions to your problems and we will take it from there to make your ideas into reality. Let us do the heavy lifting of production, while you can focus on marketing your products!

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As the world population continues to grow faster than the supply of water in the world, water scarcity is in-evitable if we keep ignoring this fact. We believe that being considerate in water usage is important to be sustainable; hence, we invested heavily on smart-water management by building our own Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) within our 50-hectare complex that allow us to efficiently control the usage of water within our integrated textile facility.

 “We cannot live without water – we all know that, so let’s be frugal and smart in our water consumptions” ~ Fabric Process Manager Opening Speech 2016

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We believe our clients should focus their time to the commercial and branding aspect of their business without any distraction of the complicated production process. We offer one-stop-solutions for all of your textile needs, the only things our clients need to do is just tell us what they want, and we’ll take care of the rest

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