Special Finishes for Fabric

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Jan, 16, 2022

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 Nowadays we live in a highly competitive market, making it harder to survive with just a moderate quality. Not only you, but every business person wants to grow their business with an unbeatable product; a great product which has strong value inside, the product which sticks to the heart and mind of the consumer. Maybe some of you will think it is hard to do, but let’s do it together with us!
 In this article we want to talk about fabric finishing; it’s a final phase of fabric making, which is using special machinery, chemicals, and monitored by our textile expert. Make it possible to improve fabric quality like a handfeel, minimize shrinkage, up to value-added features; Quick Dry, Cool Effect, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Virus, Anti-UV, etc. That’s all the secret recipe which is had by successful brands in this world, not only about how they design, they also invest on great fabric material. Moreover you have to know, textile is never stopping here, it continuously grows in technology, so make sure you don’t leave it behind.
 Finally let’s change our mindset, business is not only about money. There’s something necessary that is called Product Value, make your product as your representation, make it stick to the heart and mind of your consumer. If you are successful in making great product value, then increasing your pricing becomes something relevant and easier to be accepted in the market.

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