Sportswear Breathability

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Aug, 15, 2021

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 Breathability is defined as the ability of a fabric to allow perspiration, evaporated by the body, to escape or diffuse to the outside, thereby allowing complete comfort. Since comfort is very needed for every piece of clothing we use, moreover we are surely doing sports that will make us sweaty, then Breathability should be the first priority when making Sportswear.
 Breathability can be achieved by making a fabric with an open structure, commonly known as Mesh Fabric. The fabric must be thin enough, we recommend making a sportswear product between 100 – 250 gsm, and choose knitted fabric as it has better breathability and is more flexible than woven. Beside construction we can choose sportswear fabric by the materials they use as below:

1. Cotton
This is one of the most breathable fabrics which offers comfortable and fashionable options in both casual and professional attire. Unfortunately this kind of fabric does not have enough capability to evaporate sweat when doing sports.

2. Polyester
Polyester is the best fabric for Sportswear, because it is lightweight, breathable, durable and has a shiny look. This fact makes Polyester becoming the most popular fabric for Sportswear.

3. Rayon
This semi-synthetic fabric offers moderate breathability and silky texture, but you require dry cleaning or hand wash cleaning with mild detergent in cold water for generally safer care.

 Sportswear industry is a big opportunity. The industry is rapidly growing in parallel with consciousness for healthy life. And giving the best breathability is a point for all sportswear business, breathability is comfort, and comfort will drive consumers to be loyal.

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