Sportswear Elasticity

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Sep, 12, 2021

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 What do you really need for sportswear? good design, comfort, or something else like the one we want to tell you in this article. So in this article let’s talk about elasticity. Elasticity in sportswear refers to the ability of a fabric to return to its original length, shape, or size immediately after the removal of stress.
 Spandex is the recipe for making elastic fabric, this kind of yarn which is made from a synthetic polymer called polyurethane which has extraordinary stretch ability. To make elastic fabric, polyester and spandex should be knitted in certain composition. After you have elastic fabric in your hand, then you are ready to make any sportswear.
 Does every sportswear need to be elastic? And the answer is maybe yes, and maybe no, it depends what kind of sportswear you make as below :

1. Swimwear
 Polyester and Spandex is a great blend for swimwear, since swimwear are designed to stretch to fit and move with your body. Polyester is also a popular choice in swimwear, because of soft yet strong, and with additional Anti-UV features then will be perfect.

2. Aerobic and Yoga Wear
 With great elasticity, you can move freely while doing aerobics. Even it eases you while doing any poses in yoga.

3. Cycling Wear
 Besides helping you to move, cycling wear is designed to reduce air pressure to your body and minimize the effect of an accident. Polyester and Spandex are perfect for cycling wear.

 Then when we don’t need spandex? Since spandex is made to be fit and expose the body shape, some of the people will reject using them. Maybe they are a man, they are a woman with modest styling, etc. But there are still solutions; you can choose fabric with medium to low elasticity, then it is just enough as needed.

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