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By Pulau Intan Lestari

Apr 2, 2021

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 Who doesn’t know about the fashion business? It is known for its glamor and glitz. Even for someone who starts making fashion brands from scratch , it is not impossible to reach the highest achievement from it. Passion and Creativity are what you need to enhance the attractiveness of your fashion products, and the fact you should know is that many fashion brands become successful because they’re created by people who are passionate about fashion. Beside it, creativity makes your product different from your competitors.
 Starting a fashion business is not easy, but it will be easier if there is someone who can help you. Maybe designers, marketer, or someone to handle your day-to-day business. Wisely think about efficiency in your team, it is better to do it in a small but solid team, good to remember because you have just started as a startup company! The best founders are the ones who assemble an amazing group of people who help you execute on your vision.

1. Start by identifying your target customer, and their needs
 The best product is not only about quality, it also supports and completes customer needs in this case about clothing. For example you can make a warm outer for winter, an outer that’s not only warm but also looks stylish, or maybe streetwear that is adapted from your country’s culture, etc.
2. Make a strong story about your brands
 Brand storytelling is more necessary than telling your brand name, because it is about the facts and emotions that your brand evokes. In addition to giving your customers reasons why they should buy your products.
3. Find supplier and manufacturer
 Maybe you feel okay doing it by yourself for the very first time; source, cut, and sew the material. But in the next phase of your business, you should expand it being wider and bigger. Just find a good and trusted fabric supplier. It would be better if they also have a one stop solution service.

 Today life is about digital, make sure your product has a great case in social media and online marketplace. If you are still confused about the fashion business, don’t hesitate to whatsapp us.

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