Stripes For Fashion

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Des, 20, 2021

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 Stripes are defined as a design with a long narrow band or strip, which is simply found in a lot of clothing designs; you can find stripes in activewear, casualwear, homewear, in every style and every range of age. Simple and looks good on anyone is the main value of stripes pattern. So in this article we want to tell about how to make stripes more fashionable;

1. Wear Stripes Top with Blue Jeans
 It’s a great combination for casual business and summer style. You can choose from horizontal or vertical stripe fabric design, it’s all about your preference but if you were fans of nautical style then horizontal stripe is the best choice.

2. Wear Stripes Bottom
 Stripe fabric also works for the bottom, you can find trousers and skirts that are made from it. Tips from us is to keep balancing your style by adding varying textures and patterns on your style; for example you can still wear your solid tops while the bottom is stripes. This prevents the stripes from becoming the sole focal point of your outfit and overpowering your entire look.

3. Wear Stripes Outer
 You can select from variant medium to thick outer, from Cardigan or Blazer. Since the stripes are made for design and mostly make you look attractive, then why not add stripes outer as your fashionable set.

 In some cases maybe you found that many women avoid wearing stripes because they’re afraid of the body distortion effects. It’s true that wearing stripes can alter the way your natural body shape looks, but in our opinion this doesn’t have to be a negative thing. In fact, you can use the effect of stripes to manipulate the way your body looks to your own liking; horizontal stripes to make you look wider, and vertical stripes to make your body look thin.

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