Sustainability Challenge For Textile

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Des, 29, 2021

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 Human life is always evolving, from ancient to modern. Something traditional is surely needed for culture and historical value, but we also need something creative and different in order to follow the trend. The trend is more than a goal to follow or imitate, we could make new trends for a better life!
 To start this article, we first want to ask you: which do you prefer? Mass product in low quality, or Niche product in great quality. To be more specific in fashion we know two differentiation; slow and fast fashion, when slow fashion is focused on targeted specific customers in specific needs, fast fashion do all they have to quickly produce in big quantity but poor quality. Moreover we have collected some pros and cons about both fashion differentiation:

1. Fast Fashion is cheap, while Slow Fashion is generally more expensive
 It’s a fact that can’t be disputed, fast fashion is around us because it’s cheap and has a big market. Beside slow fashion; we need strategic marketing to promote and educate customers about our quality product.

2. Fast Fashion is about profit, Slow Fashion is about customer
 In before we have talked about how fast fashion is cheap, yes it’s cheap and profitable because of the big market in society. But we predict it will not longer because soon people will be aware about sustainability, and look at product features better than pricing. In the future, clothing companies will compete on quality and product technology to attract customers.

 At the end of the year, we hope awareness about sustainability will bring a positive impact for textile and fashion industries. Customers will find high quality products at affordable pricing, in the best wearing experience. And research about textile technology will be expanded for better future living.

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