Techno Sportswear

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Nov, 02, 2021

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 The sportswear industry strives to design technologically advanced and technically innovative apparels to stay ahead in the race. New and innovative fabric technologies are being used to help the wearer improve his performance. Fibers that are lightweight, soft, easy to maintain, do not shrink, and dry quickly are normally used. Polyester remains a universal favorite component of all sportswear manufacturers, owing to its high resistance to moisture and increased durability, which form the basic requirements of fabrics used in sports apparels.
 A novel design for professional swimmers combines the swimsuit, cap, and the eyewear all into a single piece of outfit. The unique pattern allows the swimmer to move swiftly, with comfort and with increased hydrodynamic efficiency. The swimsuit is believed to reduce body active drag under water by 5.2%. A three dimensional mapping technique is used to measure the size of the head and face of the wearer, to provide maximum comfort and to achieve better performance.
 A revolutionary sports apparel technique wicks moisture and keeps sweat at bay. It makes use of special cooling polymers, which are visible in the fabric in the form of little blue rings. The moment these rings come in contact with sweat or moisture, they immediately swell up, causing an extended cooling sensation. This cutting edge technology will be used to make performance layers, sleeves, headwear, and shirts for men and women.
 The increased interest in sportswear has lead to a growing market for performance apparels. With more people pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle, and indulging in sports for adventure and recreation, the demand for sports and performance apparel is bound to grow. Performance apparels and sportswear for engaging in a sprawl of activities like swimming, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, surfing, mountaineering, and sailing are available in the market. Active sportswear for not just professionals, but also for masses is maturing rapidly.

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