Textile Industry and Certification

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Mar, 25, 2022

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 As a circle of life, the world has recovered from the pandemic, the industry has turned back to normal. We see it as the right time to make changes in every aspect of the industry. Industry should be aware about health issues, cleanliness, and work more professionally. For the health issues, industry should care about their human resources both mentally and physically. Cleanliness also becomes an issue that cannot be left, and directly leads to a more healthy environment. Sure thing, industry should work more professionally to increase productivity and their earnings.
 We work in the textile industry, which is one of oldest kinds of industries in the world. This industry survives and increases because of continuous demand in society. Today there are so many textile industries in this world, and they are rallying to be advanced. As you know, pandemics also increase digitalization in industry, they start things about exposure in the digital ecosystem. They don’t want to be left behind by others; so they place ads about products and services through digital media.
 On the customer side, there’s also more choices and for sure they become more selective. Textile industry should build better quality and the best pricing to overcome market competition. More than that, the textile industry needs certification to increase brand recognition, and differentiates them from competitors in the eyes of potential clients, investors, and regulators.

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