Textile Stenter Machine

By Pulau Intan Lestari

January 09, 2023

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Stenter is one of the most costly machines in knit finishing industry, it has a wide functions like; dry the fabric, control wide and length, control the fabric GSM, control the shrinkage, etc. Below we will tell you about it deeper, so you will understand what’s textile stenter machine really is.

As we tell before, a stenter machine is a machine that is used in the textile finishing process. Its electrical machine has capability to control speed, temperature, overfeed, and fabric width adjustment. At least textile stenter machines consist of multipart that is; padres, cooling drums, burners, circulator fan, exhaust fan, heat recovery unit, weft stretcher, pins or clips, winder, and rollers of attraction. So many parts right? But we will not explain every one of them. It will be more interesting if we explain how a stenter machine works in the process.

Fabric will enter the machine from a trolley and is passed on to the solution tank through the guide rollers and the tensioners, then the fabric will be taken out and passed through squeezing roller according to required percentage. Then it’s passed through the weft straightener. After it, fabric will run from the walkway to chambers. There will be 8-10 chambers that will separate dust and air by burner and filter system. Finally, the fabric will come to the delivery roller and it means the fabric is done in this process.

Different types of fabric and different requirements like GSM may need to be adjusted in the machine, that’s why every textile manufacturer should have a production standard to make sure about stability in every type of fabric, besides a good measurable production planning that affects higher productivity and better efficiency. In the end, the textile stenter machine is only one type of textile machinery, there are still a lot of machines that we’ll talk about, so thank you for reading this article and keep waiting for the next article.

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