The Benefit of Elastic Fabric

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Jan, 25, 2021

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 Today we found a lot of activewear made with elastic fabric. Elastic fabric is used for fitting reasons, to make it look good and to show the great shape of our body. Furthermore, elastic fabric gives a room for drawing out the ability and recoverability of clothes. The conclusion is; elastic fabric supports our need in appearance and function.
 Elastic fabric generally contains elastane; a special yarn which works like a rubber to make a fabric more elastic. Then what is the benefit we get from its material?

1. Improve Durability
 Let’s think that if our clothes lose elasticity, clothes will easily deform and lose their original pattern. At this time, we should consider changing clothes. With the elastic fabric you can forget about this issue, and your clothes will be durable for a long time.

2. Softness
 Elastic fabric is well known for its softness, which is a drive for comfort. And talk about comfort, make sure your elastic fabric is knit in the best composition, contact us for more technical advice.

3. Easy to Clean
 Because the elastic fabric has excellent softness, it is very labor-saving to wash by hand. It is easy to wash it with detergent. In this modern life people will prefer to buy easy-care products right?

 Finally, we predict the trend of elastic fabric will stay in the future. No without a reason, elasticity is something required in most sports, besides it’s required too in fashion because elasticity makes our appearance much more attractive. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy and keep waiting for the next article.

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