The Importance of Fashion for Business

By Pulau Intan Lestari

June 15, 2022

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 Presenting a positive representation of yourself is a key component of experiencing professional success, and dressing up in style is a must for every business person. Dress up with business formals will make you look trusted in front of clients and your customers, while dress up in business casuals will make you look calm and friendly. No matter if you dress in formals or casuals, basically your clothes should be clean, ironed and free of rips, holes or stains. Let we know the importance about what you wear for business:

1. Is work as a good first impression
 Think about it: how long do you take to form an opinion about someone you meet for the first time? Thirty minute, or five minute? Studies show it takes no more than three seconds for humans to get perception. Your appearance is a key element of making a good first impression. And you should believe that a first impression is a lasting impression.

2. It represents yourself well at work.
 Make your appearance as professional as you can, your appearance shows how much respect you have for yourself and work. In fact, people have respect and more likely take consideration when talking to someone who dresses well in business.

3. It represents your company and your business
 When you dress well, it will represent positivity, professional image, culture, and value of the company. In another way it can help you feel as a part of teams which do the same business.

 For the final word, fashion should be a part of your business tools. Whatever if you business owner or employee, fashion will make a perception, and a good perception will directly give conversion for your business.

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