The New Era of Sports

By Pulau Intan Lestari

July, 31, 2021

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 New Normal is a life we are facing today, this is about how to do activities like a normal in uncertain conditions because of pandemic. Face masks, hand sanitizer, and vitamins cannot be left from our today’s life. This world’s life has changed, and the world of sports did not escape. Then lets we talk new era of sports in simple ways as the point below :

1. New Normal is increase demand for outdoor sports
 Since doing sports outdoors may take a risk from the virus transmitted, surprisingly in fact it really increases demand for outdoor sports like running, cycling, golf. We think it is like a cage theory; the longer people are locked down in their house then a bigger desire to go outside will happen. So it has become good news for outdoor clothing businesses.

2. Changes in event sports
 This pandemic has caused the most significant disruption to the worldwide sporting calendar since World War II. Across the world and to varying degrees, sports events have been cancelled or postponed. Changes of sports events also give advantages to increasing attraction for Electronic Sports (E-Sports), this sport did not really suffer from the pandemic.

3. Ongoing popularity of sporting at home
 Not only for outdoor sports, there will be increased popularity of home sporting. Must be reminded there are still people who don’t like to sport outside because of self decision or they have no time to go out, but still want to maintain their immune system.

 Finally the changes cannot be escaped, as a business person we must have an accurate prediction, and continuously develop products based on market demand. stay healthy, think positive and all will be fine.

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