The Science behind Quick Dry

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Aug, 14, 2021

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 In the article before we have explained about Quick Dry; there we speak in technical ways, maybe some people will think that Quick Dry is just chemical and processing when dyeing the fabric, then let’s analyze more deeply.
 As we know Quick Dry finishing speeds-up the drying properties of the fiber. In the process it uses a high permeability chemical to make non-absorbent polyester become more absorbent and comfortable to wear. Without Quick Dry processing we will be faced with non-absorbent polyester; non-absorbent products which are not proper for sportswear, it won’t let your sweat infiltrate, and let them stay under your sportswear, you can easily imagine this unpleasant condition right?
 Quick Dry doesn’t stand alone with chemicals or processing inside, your body heat and wind also take part in practically. Great Quick Dry fabric will help to transport sweat through the fibers, make it fast to spread on the fabric, with the help of body heat it will fast to evaporate and wind will make it dry. So the conclusion is Quick Dry practically works together with your sports activity, is really good technology for sportswear in chemical and physical.

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