Trend of Sports Jersey

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Okt, 03, 2021

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 We can say sports are inspiration for the fashion world and jerseys are one piece of apparel that never seems to go out of style, then sports jersey will stay longer and could be everlasting fashion, it has great relevance with existence of hardcore sports fans around the world. Based on the survey; men are mostly interested in sports or otomotif, they are likely to join that kind of community. In another way, we should not underestimate the big participation of women in the sports community, then it should be right that the sports community and jersey are potential markets.

1. Sport Jersey for Men, looks brave and confident
 As a representative of power, strength, and hard work; wearing a sports jersey will make the men stand as it should be.

2. Sport Jersey for Women, looks cool and attractive
 Wearing a sports jersey will make you look much cooler and attractive. To be honest being fashionable is not only about feminime, and whether if you are not a sports fan then you can appreciate the comfort of a polyester jersey.

3. Is a symbol that connected the fans with their team
 It’s hard to believe that a fan does not have a jersey from their favourite team. Real fans will spend more than you ever thought, especially for products that are labeled original or official merchandise.

 Nowadays life is slowly back to normal after the pandemic, so sports events are possible to be held. Our favourite team has been training for that event, fans and the community can’t wait to watch. Then it’s time to take a chance in this industry.

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