Wearing Mask when Exercising

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Jun, 27, 2021

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 Refer to the World Health Organization (WHO); Masks are a key measure to suppress transmission and save lives, should be worn when you’re in crowded settings, where you can’t be at least 1 metre from others, and in rooms with poor or unknown ventilation. It’s not always easy to determine the quality of ventilation, which depends on the rate of air change, recirculation and outdoor fresh air. So if you have any doubts, it’s safer to simply wear a mask.
 WHO does not recommend that we wear masks while exercising, it’s because of the risk of reducing breathing capacity; it can make breathing more difficult. Additionally, sweat can make the mask wet, which impacts breathing and promotes the growth of microorganisms.
 Then we shouldn’t wear a mask ? In another case some people still wear a mask while exercising, they more likely choose a mask made of polyester fabric with wicking properties than a surgical mask. Whether you’re already comfortable wearing a mask while exercising or hesitant about exercising with a mask on, there are still things you can do to keep with health protocol as below :

1. Avoid crowded places
 You can do exercise in your home, or outdoors in small groups.

2. Wash your hand regularly
 Can’t be denied pandemic increase awareness about hygiene. The power to stop this pandemic is in our hands, let it always clean.

3.Bring hand sanitizer
 Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can help reduce the amount of germs and bacteria on your hands, but they do not get rid of all types of bacteria. Wash hand with soap and water is still the best, hand sanitizer is only for quick-acting.

 At the end of this article, we are now with new living conditions. Stay with health protocols and keep your immune system. It can be done by eating healthy foods and regular exercise.

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