What Is BCI

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Mar, 18, 2022

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 BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) is the world’s leading sustainability initiative for cotton. Their mission is to help cotton communities survive and thrive, while protecting and restoring the environment. As a contribution to sustainable living, Pulau Intan Lestari decided to join and be a member of BCI. The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), or just Better Cotton for short, is open membership for farmers, ginners, spinners, suppliers, manufacturers, brand owners, which care about a better future especially in sustainable cotton products.

 Cotton cannot be left out from textile industries; it’s still the most preferred fiber because of the feel of natural comfort. The Better Cotton (BCI) makes a training farming community, it’s community learns to produce cotton in ways that improve things for everyone and everything connected with this fluffy white staple. So anytime you find cotton clothes with the label BCI, it means that cotton is produced with sustainable farming practices, as additional information their farmers are also licensed as BCI farmers.

 Talk about BCI farmers, Better Cotton work by helping farmers understand and implement sustainable farming practices like cover cropping and Integrated Pest Management to improve soil health, increase yields and safeguard this vital resource. Finally we look at BCI as a good program for a better future, sustainability is more than a word, it’s our responsibility.

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