What is Double Face Flat Knit?

By Pulau Intan Lestari

February 06, 2023

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Double face flat knit is a kind of flat knit with two sides that looks different, it can be made from a different kind of flat knit technique like plain, mesh, bird eye, transfer, etc. It is called double face because it uses some technique of flat knit that looks different in front and in the back. Double face flat knit is a unique fashion accessory that is rarely found, because often brands do not really care about these small pieces.

Double face flat knit is potentially to create fashion products that detail from body to accessories. For example if you think that your fashion design is too boring, you can add a double face flat knit with creative design and color that make it more attractive and higher in value. We recommend that you use double face flat knit to make polo shirts, or any reversible garment like jackets, vests, or sweaters.

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