What is Fabric Finishing?

By Pulau Intan Lestari

January 25, 2023

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Fabric finishing can be explained as the process to improve the appearance and quality of the fabric. Based on the technique, fabric finishing could be classified as chemical and mechanical. Chemical is when the fabric finishing involves chemical substance, while mechanical is talk about usage of mechanical machines.

Example of chemical fabric finishing is enzyme or bio-polishing, is a kind of fabric finishing to improve fabric quality and reduce fuzziness and pilling property of the fiber. Besides we can do softening finishes to create a sleek and smooth surface primarily to improve the softness of fabric. Furthermore, the most popular are moisture wicking and anti-uv that become special treatment for superior sportswears brands.

How about mechanical finishing? As its name suggests, it involves mechanical machines like sueding/peach finishes that enable fabric products to have a suede leather-like surface by abrading the fibers in the machine. There is also compaction/compacting, a kind of mechanical finishing that proposes to minimize shrinking and improve quality of fabric hand feel. Finally, it is not a definitive list, you should always find new fabric finishing technology that is always developed.

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