What is Greige Yarn?

By Pulau Intan Lestari

January 11, 2022

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Greige yarn is defined as a kind of yarn that is used to make greige fabric (unfinished textile material that needs to be processed). Greige yarn could be made from natural fiber or synthetic fiber. Natural fibers like cotton will be easily recognized by their off-white or beige tone color, besides synthetic fibers like polyester will look whiter and shinier.

To ensure the quality of yarn before it goes to bulk production, we should do an inspection test procedure. This inspection is done by the QC, they will take randomly a particular lot of yarn and shall take it for inspection or check in the laboratory, laboratory staff will make a report in the following parameters like a yarn count and TPI. Further, QC should make sample tests to avoid any visual or physical rejection like; slub, contamination, hairiness, thick thin, hole, stripe, and dead fiber. Since some visual rejection is only visible when fabric is already colored, then the fabric sample should be dyed.

After the greige yarn is fully inspected, it is ready to place in the yarn warehouse or distributed to the knitting department for production. If we talk about yarn warehouse, then the focus is to always implement the FIFO method, and maintain yarn quality through the right warehouse quality management. Besides, the knitting department should run production in the right procedure, and quickly respond to every production issue while maintaining good communication to every related department.

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